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Waiting / Customer Rooms, Showrooms, Reception and Lobby Application

Zoom Player assures a smooth and stable AV experience and playback of the most up to date presentations and demos in Waiting and Customer Rooms. It allows using the largest high quality and HD displays with advanced audio modes.

  • Use any mix of Audio, Video, Image and textual content plus a wide range of resolution, placement, sizing and AR modes.
  • Accurately customize Audio and Video features to perfectly meet the space, viewing distance and ambient requirements.
  • Use the most comprehensive and up to date set of codecs to display any type of advanced Audio and Video media.
  • Display the most sophisticated presentations combining the latest technology to create higher impact on audience.
  • Run a smart set of sequenced and / or looped demos in a variety of intro, linear play, random and other playback modes.
  • Modify and update the content dynamically to enrich the displayed material and derive maximum benefit from display area.
  • Use live video from various cameras for accurate, time based, monitoring, surveillance, and recording tasks.
  • Create, program and play limitless audio and video playlists.
  • Blend video with other audio sources, textual and graphic banners, titles, captions, subtitles, images, pop-ups and other effects.
  • Combine AV & text sources into one informative display (e.g., news broadcast + messages banner + weather forecast + music).
  • Display information and advertisement together with external video feeds to maximize screen utilization.