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TV / Cable / Satellite Studios, Editing Consoles and Broadcast Sets Application

Zoom Player's professional AV-oriented features and functions make it the ideal cost-effective choice for a flexible media display and control environment for any TV or cable / satellite studio. It can fill a choice of roles from monitoring to editing, and can handle any type of audio, video and content (and combinations of), in any resolution, from low to HD, with single or multiple programs and multiple display areas and placements on one screen.

  • Utilize with any display type and device to fully match with application (broadcast, display, monitor, edit, etc) and requirements.
  • Use sophisticated tools to cut, edit and shuffle scenes from any existing source material to create new play lists and sequences.
  • Create multiple playlists, sequences and loops for instant, selective and intelligent playback and virtual time shifting modes.
  • Synchronize video, content and graphics sources, flexibly scale and locate images across the displays.
  • Use smart playback modes, including frame accurate edits, timeline jogging and intelligent scene cuts merging.
  • Manage multiple libraries for media and edited material.
  • Control media type and content archives: store, manage, retrieve, sort, label, rename and reorder for easy search and playback.
  • Sort media libraries and contained files by any parameter, any criterion.
  • Save multiple tagged sort lists and profiles for any media library- reuse them later at will.
  • Use intelligent tools to dynamically save, archive, label and retrieve media files.