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Please note that the Business Edition products were designed for commercial/business applications and are sold only to registered companies, OEMs, system integrators and resellers following the signing of Inmatrix' standard License Agreement. This agreement establishes the business relationship between us and licensee, defines the license terms, conditions and prices, and grants the licensee gradual discounts proportionate with cumulated volume of licenses purchased and sold per period.

If you are interested in using Zoom Player Business Edition products for commercial applications or have a pricing, Business Development, Marketing, Sales or other inquiry, please use one of the contacts below. Please include your title, full contact details, information about your company, web site address, products, applications, projects and type of cooperation required:


The Zoom Player Business Edition is targeted at business users who need the richest variety of options, most powerful features and high-grade stability and reliability for critical business and commercial applications. Business Edition offers several products:

Zoom Player Business Edition DS

Created specifically for serving Digital Signage applications. It can process and display any combination of media files in any screen formation. Business Edition DS can address any type of display from indoors screens to outdoors electronic billboards and it can use one or multiple display areas concurrently on one screen or across a cluster of screens. Business Edition DS offers unparalleled performance, perfect stability under any condition and the level of stability & support you need for professional Digital Signage projects.

Zoom Player DS offers the following features:

  • Use of multiple display devices and multiple display areas per screen in any combination of size and shape to meet any project's requirements,
  • Display spanning across multiple monitors using EVR (Enhanced Video Renderer) under Windows VISTA,
  • Selection from multiple audio and video decoders,
  • Flexible non-linear 16:9/4:3 video scaling (EVR),
  • Guard-Dog function to allow Auto-Restart upon decoder/system lock-up,
  • Increased system stability and reliability,
  • Choice of sub models with different display output/configuration options to select from match the right tool with your project needs,
  • Complete, easily accessible controls over any playback & display parameter (e.g., rendering, quality, A/R, size, color, speed, etc)
  • Comprehensive control with unmatched flexibility over media processing settings,
  • Flash Interactivity,
  • Easy, intuitive configuration & fast set-up make initial operation a snap even for novice operators no special skills needed,
  • Fast and smooth control over all features using smart Navigators,
  • DVD playback from various sources (e.g., hard disk, usb drives, memory cards),
  • Comprehensive set of Smart Play controls,
  • The shortest media load times in the industry,
  • Communication & Control API (TCP/IP or WinAPI's SendMessage) covering the entire feature-set, enabling reporting functionality and supported by many 3rd party applications,
  • Advanced command-line instructions and parameters offer endless automated operation and playback possibilities,
  • Flexible interactivity with HTML environment,
  • Onscreen Display (OSD) fixing & locking options,
  • Complete, unlimited control over all DVD and media file playback parameters,
  • Multiple playback speeds plus custom speed settings,
  • Smart DVD bookmarking functionality with auto-load options,
  • Individual DVD position memory for every disc,
  • Auto-save of user preferences & definitions per every disc,
  • Auto-execute of external programs according to user definition upon disc detection and prior to playing,
  • Flexible DVD language selection (Audio, Video, Subtitle and Menus),
  • Full support of external DVD subtitle files in any format,
  • Auto detection of aspect ratio, video and blanking per DVD type,
  • Playback of partial or incomplete AVI files and files locked by 3rd party programs,
  • Recording of current play position to the clipboard,
  • More features and version comparison chart,
  • Download Trial version.

Zoom Player Business Edition MC

Zoom Player MC is the perfect media processing, playback, control and management software for entertainment PCs, from high grade Media Centers to top-notch Home Theater PC Applications. It offers perfect reliability and delivers the performance level, usability and configuration flexibility that were part of the best, high-cost professional entertainment hardware-only gear just recently. Business Edition MC is the ideal engine to drive your MC or HTPC products and your next entertainment project!

Zoom Player MC offers the following features:
  • Increased system stability and reliability - a perfect experience, every time,
  • The shortest media load-times in the industry,
  • Full DVD playback & control functionality with variable playback speed,
  • DVD playback from any source (USB/memory card/disk on key/HD),
  • Selection from multiple audio and video decoders,
  • Flexible non-linear 16:9/4:3 video scaling (w/ EVR),
  • Pattern calibration system with White Wash support,
  • Windows Media (WMV/WMA) DRM support,
  • Control over secondary monitors,
  • Easy, intuitive configuration & fast set-up,
  • Unlimited display mode options (for aspect ratio, video parameters, etc),
  • Complete, easily accessible controls over any playback & display parameter (e.g., rendering, quality, A/R, size, color, speed, etc)
  • Easy control over all features / functions / parameters using smart Navigators,
  • Friendly full-screen navigation,
  • Advanced Smart Play controls,
  • Smart Auto-repeat options,
  • DVD position memory,
  • Auto-Save of definitions file per-disc (including Aspect Ratio, Video Position, Color Values, etc),
  • Comprehensive language & subtitle support,
  • Auto media file stream selection for audio and subtitles,
  • Audio re-sync function,
  • Remember/resume from last media position,
  • Play history logging & display,
  • Playback of incomplete AVI files,
  • Playback of files locked by third party programs,
  • Auto playback of multi-segment files,
  • Auto extract & play of archived media files,
  • Category-based media library with smart navigation options,
  • Video chaptering system,
  • Fast Go-To interface with instant access to any location in the file,
  • Advanced screen saver and screen damage-prevention options,
  • Infinite OSD display options including child-proof, safe modes,
  • Closed captions support in media files,
  • Easy scene-cut Interface for virtual audio/video editing,
  • Comprehensive playlist editing and control options,
  • Extensive command-line options & parameters for flexible operation modes, endless automated operation and playback possibilities,
  • Bookmarking system with auto-load bookmark options,
  • Network path mapping into navigation interface,
  • Password-protected parental control,
  • Display of file download progress,
  • Communication & Control API (TCP/IP or WinAPI's SendMessage) functionality,
  • More features and version comparison chart,
  • Download Trial version.

Zoom Player Business Edition FLEX

Zoom Player FLEX is the ultimate, all-inclusive toolset for professional users who will not compromise on power, performance or features and demand the best in all categories. This "Swiss Army Knife" for media processing, display and management combines all the best and most powerful features, functionality, playback and display options, configuration options and navigation interfaces found in MC and DS models.

Version comparison chart, Download Trial version.

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Zoom Player's power, flexibility and versatility come into action in every role it takes- regardless of the platform, environment or task complexity. The following are just a few examples of real-life applications in which Zoom Player is being employed as a smart multimedia player, media controller, media library and archive manager - or all of the above:

Digital Signage Systems
Home Theatre Systems
Media Center PCs
Zoom Player Mobile for USB / U3 / Portable Multimedia Devices
Archiving, Retrieval & Playback Systems for Libraries/Media Archives
Local and Remote Learning / Training System
TV/Cable/Satellite Studios, Editing Consoles and Broadcast Sets
Control Centers, Decision Rooms, Emergency Rooms
Meeting & Conference Rooms
Visitor Centers and Museums
Public Information Display, Stations, Data Kiosks
Waiting / Customer Rooms, Showrooms, Reception and Lobby
Schools, Universities, Educational Institutes
CD/Flash Drive-Based Presentation
Sports Arenas / Venues
Resorts and Hotels
Public Transportation: Airports, Railway Stations, Bus Terminals
Shops and Shopping Malls
Company & Private Presentation Rooms, Theatres
C-Stores, Marts, Grocery, Food and General Stores
Clubs and Casinos
Hospitals, Medical Centers and Clinics
Banks, Company Branches, Reception Offices

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