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Multiple Custom Media Solutions:

Inmatrix is always on the innovation path, harnessing its vast know-how in the fields of video and audio processing & display to create the top software media players.

To meet the most demanding requirements and to remain up-to-date in an ever-growing variety of standards and formats and a constantly-changing multimedia world, we take pride for deploying a winning combination of original and flexible, future-proof attitude combined with best and latest technologies.

As such, we are happy to pick up any challenge thrown at us - whether it is a new type of application or solution, a SW-SW or SW-HW integration / embedding joint project to create yet more and wider products and solutions, a customized application targeted at a new market, a creative design for a specific usage and /or audience type, a new media format, a different usage mode or 3rd party product branding. Try us!

Professional Consulting Services:

Inmatrix has long been one of the technology cornerstones when discussing multimedia display, processing and control. For the last 10 years our technical experts offered the best available multimedia display & control solutions and deployment ideas for a host of companies, hardware and software system integrators, and end-users. Our categorized, personalized, closely monitored web site and professional forums have become a generator for innovative ideas and solutions and a unique exchange for information for Millions of users and potential users, worldwide.

Additionally, we provide consulting services in a wide range of specialized fields, from meeting professional technological challenges in Digital Signage and Electronic Billboard systems, through Home Theatre systems and Media Center devices, custom applications, to creating new convergent Audio-Video-Data display systems and customizing existing ones, and more. Our application and implementation ideas are highly appraised by the respective industry leaders and specialists alike. Now all this, along with our vast experience and a large knowledge base can be at your service.