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Company & Private Presentation Rooms, Theatres Application

Along with its intuitive user interface, flexible media playback modes and high functionality, Zoom Player also has many advantages in company or private Presentation Rooms and Theatres: It can be used to drive any display technology and device and can be fine tuned to match specific environmental requirements (size, display/screen type & features, acoustics, other) of any hall. It allows playback of convergent (Audio, Video, images, text, web pages) digital media from any source in any file format, image format and source resolution to be used in any mix and mode, and offers addition of graphic or textual titles and messages, selection of subtitles, and much more.

  • Easy to use, flexible user interface, customizable to cover any operation mode from basic to professional.
  • Play any audio, video, image and text file, standalone or several combined to create a display.
  • Use any media source (PC, DVD, CD, downloaded / streamed media files, and more).
  • Use live video from various cameras for accurate, time based monitoring and recording tasks.
  • Play any video format & resolution, modify as you like to display a different resolution, aspect ratio, display characteristics.
  • Employ with any display device and technology (LCD, Plasma, CRT, projector and screen).
  • Use advanced functions for various media playback modes.
  • Mix AV inputs to enhance presentation or video (e.g., speech / language / explanations tracks, superposition, titles, etc.).
  • Modify audio and video characteristics, match to hall requirements, acoustics, viewing environment, audience and material.
  • Use the Editing, Chaptering and Playlist options to create programs and sequences, cut out scenes or rearrange sections.
  • Use the virtual editing functions to reorder and shuffle scenes, play sections several times in virtual time-shifting mode.