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Meeting and Conference Rooms Application

Zoom Player delivers the media playback responsiveness, quality and stability that are essential in AV Meeting & Conference Rooms and similar environments, where decisions are to be made effectively. It complements these with a wide range of management tools that allow the operator to handle media sources and files with ease and display presentations, demos and videos flawlessly from whatever their source and codec may be.

  • Use any media type (AV, image, textual, convergent), display type and device to meet the application requirements.
  • Play any mix of videos and textual sources simultaneously on one or more screens, across multiple display areas,
  • Use flexible, purpose targeted display modes with various resolution modes, sizes and aspect ratios.
  • Mix data from various media sources and codecs, from low to hi-res and HD and from local, remote and networked locations.
  • Use live video from various cameras for accurate, time based monitoring and recording tasks.
  • Blend textual, graphic and AV media into any displayable shape and form (e.g., video with underlying banners / titles / text)
  • Freely scale and locate images across the displays.
  • Use the multitude of playback modes, fast section selection, fast zoom and other functions to focus on specific details or section.
  • Use the fast section marking and selective playback modes, playlist creation and timeline jogging to maximize replay efficiency.