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Public Information Display, Stations, Data Kiosks Application

With Zoom Player, it is easy to set up, manage and operate any Information Display or Station, or Data Kiosk. Whether running a predefined playlist, a loop or a dynamic, frequently updated mix of video and content, it is the perfect tool for the job. The built-in features allow for configuring it rapidly for any type of task, while the countless operation mode and options enable it to handle even the toughest AV challenge.

  • Operate from local PC or server, or remote controlled from either local network or the internet (via TCP/IP).
  • Run media and content from PC, DVD, CD, AV files and streams, local and remote storage or feeds.
  • Use with any size and type of display from small monitor type to large HD displays.
  • Use any blend of Audio, Video, Graphics and Text in any order and screen composition.
  • Utilize a smart mix of video with stills, static/dynamic menus, banners, and other display areas.
  • Run in any resolution from low-res to HD using any standard, screen format and codec.
  • Play any combination of advertisement, logos, banners, along with information, audio and video clips.