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Local and Remote Learning / Training System

The comprehensive set of Zoom Player tools and features offers an environment that is perfectly suited to both local and Remote Learning / Remote Training system requirements, from flexible display and audio configuration to full media management and comprehensive local or remote control options.

  • Play recorded audio and video lectures anywhere, anytime with ease.
  • Set up and Display several clips to run in parallel maximize screen usage, optimize viewable information.
  • Customize the viewing environment, display and sound to suit your taste.
  • Use live video from various cameras for accurate, time based, monitoring, surveillance, and recording tasks.
  • Use the smart Editing, Chaptering and Playlist options to cut out scenes or rearrange sections.
  • Create new video and audio sequences to focus on significant parts and maximize usage of material.
  • Use the virtual editing functions to reorder and shuffle any scene, even play a section several times in virtual time shifting mode.
  • Create efficient learning and training videos that use Zoom Player's intelligent display modes, options and controls.