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C-Stores, Marts, Grocery, Food and General Stores Application

Zoom Player's flexibility, ease of use and versatility allow for creating a smarter Digital Signage system in any food or general store, shop and mart at a lower implementation and running costs. It is the ideal tool for playing, managing and controlling media playback without needing to involve highly skilled operators with previous relevant software experience. Zoom Player can play any media from any source, in any advertising, product promotion or messaging task. It can be easily deployed in every environment, in any role - from small aisle-side LCD AV displays, to overhead video and messaging billboards and large size plasma video displays.

  • Save cost of paper, advertising materials and service by using a smarter Digital Signage system.
  • Use advanced programming to improve product presence and positioning, enhance visibility of services.
  • Use intelligent display modes to improve product exposure, attract customers and increase customer awareness.
  • Improve targeting and focus on products, services and specials by special subject-focused screens and displays.
  • Use live video from various cameras for accurate, time based, monitoring, surveillance, and recording tasks.
  • Distribute a wall-to-wall unified message over intelligent convergent media, efficiently and instantly.
  • Advertise products and services over any type of display (LCD, projection, monitors, CRTs) regardless of size.
  • Promote products and services over full / partial screen areas, mix several display areas in various shapes over one screen.
  • Mix video, audio and content in any mode you like. Display the resulting program in various modes according to your needs.
  • Use various media sources to create a rich multimedia display for product advertising or information.
  • Use multiple display areas with different sources, use creative compositions to get more coverage and diversity.
  • Assign areas of your display to advertise partners' products and services for better display utilization and cost efficiency.
  • Display stills ads, sales promo videos and image/text banners in an endless choice of shapes, sizes and layouts.
  • Blend remote sources from TV/Cable/Sat broadcasts with local material, messages and audio announcements.
  • Use built-in local or remote control functions to control display attributes and media playback modes or features.
  • Create, manage and use customized media libraries with the advanced media navigation and management functions.
  • Selectively search, manage and display any type of media at will with the smart media retrieval tools.
  • Enhance diversity of media and playback modes through smart play list creation and management tools.
  • Create new video sequences, clips and programs from existing media with ease.
  • Enrich your video library and playback possibilities. Widen video experience via smart playback and editing tools.
  • Mix commercial videos with live video, text messages, recorded audio commercials, live announcements, feeds, etc.
  • Use multiple overlays, messages and banners over video programs for products sales, service news or specials.
  • Display convergent media over multiple display areas and message boxes.