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Visitor Centers and Museums Application

Zoom Player plays most types of media - audio, video, graphics and text - from almost any source, local or networked. This, together with its flexible operating modes and functions makes it the perfect player for any mix of complex material, presentation or demo made for Museums and Visitor Centers. Zoom Player addresses the finest details of configuration and customization regarding playback, display mode and media handling. It is the one player you can trust to play smoothly and reliably and take care of all your exhibits, 24/7.

  • Use with most display technologies: LCD/Plasma/CRT screens, monitors, projectors, TVs low-res to HD.
  • Employ with any media and file type, in any mix - Audio, Video, images, text, web pages and more.
  • Use live video from various cameras for accurate, time based monitoring, surveillance, and recording tasks.
  • Play PC based Presentations, demos, flash movies, video clips, audio tracks
  • Use any media sources: DVDs, CDs, files stored on local PCs or network, dedicated servers, internet, etc.
  • Use rich displays, variable screens sizes and display areas, mix display frames with static and dynamic banners and logos.
  • Compose, save and use dynamic Playlists, sort and reuse them in different playback modes for ever changing exhibits.
  • Use the smart media virtual editing and chaptering functions to prepare new videos and scenes
  • Use the fast timeline jogging features to focus during any playback session on a scene or emphasize details in a show.